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  • ..Charm Bracelet Advent Calendar

  • ..Pokémon Advent Calendar

  • ..Santa Musical Water Globe

  • ..Santa Snow Globe Pedestal – LED Swirl

  • ..Snowman and Gnome Stocking

  • ..Snowman Family Water Globe – Select Your Gift

  • ..Warm Up Plush – select your plush

  • A Sweet Home Coin Bank- Select your Main Gift

  • Amazing World Circus

  • Baby Joy

  • Baby’s 1st Christmas Bear – Musical

  • Bartolucci Wall Music Box – Select your Music box

  • Bee with Flowers Music Box – Select your Music box

  • Birdies Wall Decor And Santa’s Chocolate Package

  • Blitzen the Reindeer Letter Scroll Package

  • Book and Magical Elf Gifts – The Elf on the Shelf

  • Children Music box

  • Chocolates and Fun Toys Gift Bag from Santa

  • Christmas Nightlight Gift Package

  • Christmas with Elfie and Elfina

  • Classic Santa Figurine – Christmas Adult Gift Package

  • Cocoa Dinosaur Rare Webkinz

  • Cute Puppy Table Clock And Santa’s Village Scene

  • Dancing Musical Snowman

  • Dancing Singing Polar Penguin

  • Dancing Snowman Of The North Pole

  • Disney Princess Little Kingdom

  • Glow Pillows and Chocolates – Santa Gift Package for Two

  • Grossery Gang and Glow slippers

  • Indoor Snow Ball Match

  • Jolly Jack Frost Musical Dancing Plush

  • Jolly Snowman

  • Moon Light Package

  • Musical Figurine and Toys

  • Musical Rappin’ Penguin

  • Night Before Christmas Box – Santa’s Gift Package

  • Reindeer Delivery Tower Box

  • Rudy Monkey Webkinz

  • Santa Glow Print Slippers

  • Santa Magical Boots

  • Santa’s Baby Bundle

  • Santa’s Box of Sweet Treats Gift Package – Large

  • Santa’s Christmas Sweet Bag

  • Santa’s Comforting Treats Christmas Letter Scroll Package

  • Santa’s Glowing Slippers Christmas Letter Scroll Package

  • Santa’s Letter & Teddy Gift Package – Reindeer Box

  • Santa’s Magical Reindeer

  • Santa’s Steam Express 3D Puzzle

  • Sea Turtle Chocolate Package

  • Sesame Street Piano Gift

  • StikBot Pirate Movie Set Mega Pack

  • Storytime Teddy Storytelling Bear

  • Summer Card from Santa

  • Swallows Wall Clock And Santa’s Chocolate Gifts

  • Tic-Tac-Toe Gift set – Christmas Edition


Children Santa Packages

Introducing Enchanting Children’s Santa Packages: Discover a World of Magic and Joy!

Make this holiday season truly unforgettable for your little ones with our exclusive Children’s Santa Packages. Immerse your child in the wonder and delight of Christmas as they receive personalized treasures straight from Santa himself.

Delight in the magic as your child unwraps a Monogrammed Santa Bag, carefully crafted to hold their most cherished dreams. Each bag is lovingly embroidered with Santa’s initial, adding a touch of elegance to this timeless tradition.

But the enchantment doesn’t stop there! Your child will be captivated by the personalized Scroll Letter from Santa, addressed especially to them. Watch their eyes light up as they read Santa’s heartwarming message, a personalized touch that brings the magic of the North Pole right to your doorstep.

And of course, what’s Christmas without the excitement of unwrapping magical gifts? Our Children Packages are brimming with carefully selected surprises that will transport your little ones to a world of wonder and imagination. From classic toys to modern marvels, each gift is chosen to make their dreams come true.

Make this holiday season truly special with our Children Santa Packages. Embrace the spirit of giving, wonder, and joy as you witness the magic of Christmas come alive in the eyes of your children. Order now to ensure an unforgettable experience that will be remembered for years to come.

Spread the joy, capture the magic, and embrace the spirit of giving with our enchanting Children’s Santa Packages. Order today and let the festivities begin!