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The magic of Christmas spirit captivates the children for a very long time. A special personal letter from Santa, the joyful experience of the hustle and bustle of the holidays are all part of the magical Christmas spirit. We all hope of catching a glimpse of Santa and his reindeers on Christmas Eve. Moreover imagine the delightful smile when the children receive their very own Nice List Certificate.

Create a beautiful memory for Someone with an adoring keepsake that will mesmerize them this Winter Holiday. Put forward warm and cheerful memories for the future and a beautiful family tradition to follow for years to come.

Letters and Gifts from Santa uniquely sends packages in a Specialty Red Velvet Bag with Santa’s gold monogram.
Enjoy an amazing Christmas as Santa’s gifts arrive in a fabulous style to your home. Our specialty Gifts from Santa are full of toys, keepsakes, ornaments, treats and most of all memories. It will be an amazing gift for the little ones, the family and friends to boost the magical experience of the holidays.

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