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  • ..Charm Bracelet Advent Calendar

  • ..Pokémon Advent Calendar

  • ..Snowman and Gnome Stocking

  • Baby’s First Christmas Santa Letter

  • Blitzen the Reindeer Letter Scroll Package

  • Classic Christmas Letter and Scroll from Santa Claus

  • Convincing Letter and Scroll from Santa to Nonbeliever

  • Couples First Christmas Letter and Scroll from Santa Claus

  • Happy Birthday Letter and Scroll from Santa Claus

  • Santa Magical Boots

  • Santa’s Comforting Treats Christmas Letter Scroll Package

  • Santa’s Glowing Slippers Christmas Letter Scroll Package

  • Santa’s Letter & Teddy Gift Package – Reindeer Box

  • Summer Card from Santa

  • Wedding Christmas Letter and Scroll from Santa Claus


Santa Letters and Scrolls

Experience the enchantment of the holiday season with our exquisite Santa Letters and Scrolls. Immerse your children, grandchildren, and loved ones in the magic of Christmas with personalized letters straight from Santa himself. These festive letters, delivered via the Santa Express, promise to create a truly memorable holiday experience for recipients of all ages. Let the spirit of belief and happiness flourish for yet another year, just as you envision it.

Choose from a diverse array of letter designs, tailored to suit various preferences. Whether it’s a tender letter for a baby’s first Christmas, a timeless Classic letter, or even a special letter for those who might have lost their belief, our selection caters to all. Santa’s generosity extends beyond December, as he loves surprising children with birthday letters all year round.

Looking to make the season even more magical? Explore our Reindeer box gift package, brimming with wonders from Santa himself. Complete with a Letter from Santa, a certificate for the Nice list, delightful gifts, delectable chocolates, and more, this package is sure to bring unparalleled joy.

Don’t let the magic fade after December. With our surprise summer cards, arriving precisely when least expected, Santa’s enchantment can brighten up even the warmest months.

For an enchanting Christmas that lingers in the hearts of your loved ones, explore our collection of Santa Letters and Scrolls today. Visit our Children Santa gift packages page for even more delightful gifting options that will truly make this holiday season extraordinary.