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  • Bat Invasion

  • Bewitched Care Package

  • Brain Food

  • Crystal Owl Silver Pendant with 18″ silver chain

  • Eat Shriek and be Spooky

  • Frightfully Fun Halloween

  • Ghostly Frights

  • Going Batty Treat Bag

  • Haunted House Halloween Package

  • Have a frightfully fun Halloween! – Ghostly Bubbles

  • Hobgoblins Movie Night

  • I will Spook Youuuu!

  • Pumpkin Patch

  • Spider Scare Halloween package

  • Spooktacular Treats

  • Spooky Fun

  • Take Scare of yourself

  • Trick-or-Treat Halloween Package

  • Witches Spell

  • Witches’ Cauldron


Have a Spooktacular Halloween with Happy Halloween Gift Baskets!

Embrace the spirit of Halloween with the mantra “Eat, Drink, and Be Scary”! Second only to Christmas, Halloween is celebrated with enthusiasm and excitement. Surprise your favorite Ghouls and Hobgoblins with a Halloween gift package, offering a thrilling experience for all ages. Delightful and spooky gift packages await, inviting recipients to explore and uncover ghostly skeletons and glowing creepy creatures. Let the festivities commence as goblins and bugbears indulge in spine-chilling window decor and enjoy the thrill of discovery. To soothe any frayed nerves, savor the sweetness of a pumpkin lollipop.

These Halloween gift packages serve as the perfect way to kickstart the eagerly anticipated season of frights and fun. Whether for kids or kids at heart, sending spooky Halloween Gift Baskets promises excitement and joy. Encourage goblins and bugbears to dive into the adventure, unearthing eerie surprises and relishing the thrill of Halloween. And as the festivities unfold, don’t forget to cool those ruffled nerves with the delightful taste of a pumpkin lollipop. Let the celebration begin, marking the start of a memorable Halloween season for all!