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Gift Of Canada Gift Baskets – Canadian Gourmet Foods and Sweets

Indulge the recipients with Gift Of Canada Gift Baskets with Canadian Gourmet Foods and Sweets. If you have family abroad, surprise them with a taste from home. Send a tasty Canadian gourmet basket with ready to eat treats to your business associates in the USA. As Canadian companies are so proud of being Canadians, we often like to show what can we produce and create from our great land.

Gourmet food selection

As a good relationship guide suggests, win a man over with great food, probably works in every situation. A gesture of Canadian made fine gourmet gift basket filled with the finest and tastiest foods goes a long way. Find delicious cheese and brie toppings, smoothies, milkshakes, the best cheese biscuits. Furthermore the dark chocolate shortbread cookies, Canadian Maple products,  Ice-wine tea are signature Products of Canada. Not to mention the finest seafood like maple glazed salmon from British Columbia. We have already searched for the best, all you need to do is click to send.