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Nut free gift baskets – Made in Canada Gourmet Foods

New Nut free gift baskets – Made in Canada Gourmet Foods joined our wide selection of Gourmet gift baskets. Produced in Canada in a strictly Nut free facility. We offer a wide variety of delicious nut free Bakery products in elegant packaging.

Sprucewood Cookies, Milkshakes and more 

Made by Canadian companies we offer dark chocolate or maple flavored shortbread cookies, rosemary or spicy cheddar biscuits. From the smoothie family you may find coffee smoothies, milkshakes, fruit smoothies, maple hot chocolates, dip mixes, frozen yogurts. Touche company offers tasty chocolate covered biscotti, orange cranberry, Lemon zest and salted caramel biscotti.

Safety is First 

If safety is really important to you then you would be happy to know that these products are all made in a certified nut free facility. but don’t jut order it because it is nut free. Get it because it is delicious.

You can safely send it to children, to schools, as teacher gifts, and as office gifts and for any gatherings where you know someone may be allergic to nuts. You may find sweet and savory shortbread biscuits, dark chocolate butter cookies, (my favorite) and fantastic chocolate covered orange chocolate flavored biscotti. Don’t just send it make sure you try it yourself, you will fall in love with them.

Gifting ideas

You will find a great selection of nut free gifts that is great for birthdays, get well, sympathy, or as an office gift. Companies can send it also as a Made in Canada gift to their business associates residing in the USA.