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The Mother’s Day Flowers – The history of Carnations – Countdown to Mother’s Day: 9 days left

Regardless of popularity, some regard carnation as the official flower for Mother’s Day. While you might prefer roses, hydrangeas, or tulips to present to Mom, there’s a history behind carnations and Mother’s Day. The connection between carnations and Mother’s Day started in 1908. Anna Jarvis, the founder of Mother’s Day has organized the first official celebration.  Later Mother’s Day became a national holiday in 1914 in the United States. “She distributed 500 carnations at the first official service because they were her mother’s favorite flower.

Historically, women wore a white carnation to honor a mother who passed away and a pink carnation to honor a mother still living. Overall carnation symbolizes love, with many of its color having different meanings. For instance, red means deep love and admiration; white means purity and good luck; and yellow means friendship.

When you choose the Mother’s Day Flowers

Carnations have some qualities that make them a very useful flower. Surprisingly carnations are long lasting, at the same time they don’t cost too much. Not only they are beautiful but also carnations come in a wide variety of colors. If you want to give carnations a chance, take a glance at our flower bouquet category.

Beside flowers in like manner special gifts and gift baskets are getting to be more popular. Flowers coupled with gift baskets will keep the good memories forever. We can help you to show her your grateful appreciation. Our expert designer team have created a very special line of gift baskets just for Mother’s Day. Furthermore you can add a stunning Sterling Silver pendant gift to your flower.

I the first place it is very important to know when Mother’s Day is celebrated in each country:

Mother’s Day dates around the world