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Hottest Monthly Club Gifts for popcorn lovers, shortbread foodies, and healthy snacks enthusiasts. Oh, but there are way much more clubs to choose from! Tea drinkers will enjoy various specialty teas, the healthiest gift of all.  For plush addicts, the world’s all plush is not enough! Let’s help them to be satisfied and comfortable.

Do not forget about our fantastic sweet and savory shortbread selection. All are nut-free and made with just a few simple and healthy ingredients. Proudly baked in Canada! Also proudly Canadian, the largest selection of fudge bars! You can never go wrong with gourmet fudge, especially with these exceptional flavors. Are you looking for more Canada-made food gifts for passionate flavor geeks? Our epicurean Canadian cheese selection will satisfy them on the spot.

Canadian Expat Monthly Club Gifts are one of our best sellers.

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Your Recipient will receive their gifts every month like clockwork. Among the best gifts to receive every month are healthy snacks, jams and jellies, and appetizers. Join the well-loved Candies club or Cookies club, and get praised every month! It is a win-win situation.