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Chocolate Pleasures Gift Box / Hunter's Chocolate Pleasures

Chocolate Pleasures Gift Box / Hunter’s Chocolate Pleasures

Warm up their soul by sending this Hunter’s Chocolate Pleasures Gift Box. Elegant and delightful chocolate assortment delivered in an 11″ x 8″ sturdy decorative hunter’s design book box. Your special message is written on a nice greeting card.

Appreciate your colleagues and friends by sending this elegant holiday gourmet nuts collection artfully organized in a wooden gift box with your special holiday message on a nice greeting card.

Special Hunter’s Chocolate Pleasures Gift Box includes: Stylish keepsake box 11″x 8″, Godiva chocolatiers bar, Godiva Gourmet coffee, 2 Toblerone, Lindor milk Chocolates, Baron excellence, Delicadore caramel chocolate bars, Walker’s cookies, Chocolate coffee sticks and more!

This attractive gift will arrive decorated appropriately for the occasion, wrapped in cello, and tied with silk and curling ribbons to present an absolutely stunning gift.

A one-of-a-kind gift keepsake box with a moose illustration and orange plaid texture wrapping the book from the front to the side, to the back. Since the gift box is as thick as a real book, you can surely place it next to your favorite books in your library at home or work.

What great gift box to give for Christmas is this Hunter’s Chocolate Pleasures Gift Box with all the good treats. Don’t forget, recipients can always remember your gift long after they sampled all of the gourmet goodness. The gift box can be for keepsake use. They can place their valuable and important items, keys, family photos, Walker’s cookies, etc. The possibilities are endless.

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