Nutty Nuts and Fruits


The Nutty Nuts and Fruit Snacks Serving Tray serves as an ideal present, fitting both business and thank-you contexts. Particularly suitable for real estate agents seeking a thoughtful housewarming gesture for their clients, this gift encompasses universal appeal. The assortment of nuts offers a universally enjoyed snack, while the inclusion of dried fruits adds a health-conscious dimension to the treat.

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Nutty Nuts and Fruits 

The Nutty Nuts and Fruit Snacks Serving Tray is an excellent choice for a variety of occasions. Specifically, if you’re a real estate agent aiming to present a thoughtful housewarming gift to your clients, this selection would prove to be highly appropriate. The assortment of nuts serves as a universally beloved snack, while the inclusion of dried fruits offers a health-conscious and flavorful option for snacking.

We like to make Our nut selections unique. All these gourmet nuts we have selected for this tray, you may only find these in specialty shops.

Nutty Nuts and Fruits includes:

  • Organic dates 5.3oz.
  • Apricots dried 7oz.
  • Chicago mix Caramel popcorn 4oz.
  • Pistachios  4.63oz.
  • Sweet and spicy snack mix 4.6oz.
  • Maple cream cookies 3 pc
  • Gingerbread cookies  4oz.
  • Single chocolates

Dates: Organic Dates. No sugar added, unsulfured, no preservatives.

Sweet and spicy snack mix: Delicious mix of sweet butter candy coated nuts with spicy Cajun corn sticks.

Pistachios: Roasted and salted

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Gift Dimensions

Measures 13″ x 10″ x 5″

Product of Canada

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Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 6 in

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