Wedding Knife Server Set with heart pendant and Iris ribbon


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Wedding Knife-Server Set with heart pendant and Iris ribbon  

This Wedding Knife-Server Set with glittering heart pendant and Iris ribbon will play a very important role in the wedding ceremony. Cutting and serving the tastiest wedding cake. The heart can be used as a pendant later on. This stylish Wedding Knife and Server Set is very durable and it will be a perfect serving set for future anniversaries, birthdays and holidays.

The tradition of Cutting of the Wedding Cake

One of the most popular part of the wedding is the cutting of the cake, which has always been a favorite custom at weddings. It has come to symbolize the first task in the couple’s life together. After cutting the cake, the bride and groom feed each other the first slice which symbolizes the mutual commitment to share and provide for each other. Two people as one facing life’s journey together. Wedding is a commitment to share whatever path life takes you on, with love and devotion, and the shared cutting of the first slice represents this commitment. Sharing of the cake to each other symbolizes your vows which means to love, honor and respect one another.

Cutting of the Wedding Cake: Dos and Don’ts

The cake cutting ceremony is a highly anticipated part of the wedding reception for it is a sentimental moment that is very festive. It is a nostalgic moment that symbolizes the first time the newlywed couple slice a cake as husband and wife, and it also demonstrates their promise to support and nurture one another. So let’s make sure that the cutting of the wedding cake goes off without any misconceptions for it is heavy with tradition and symbolism.


Timing: If you are holding a lunch or dinner reception, cut the cake the cake after the meal and just before the desserts are served.

Educate the MC: Make sure that the MC announces the event and have your best man make a toast for the couple.

Listen to the Photographer: The cake cutting is a highly photogenic moment and the photographer will ask the couple to cut a particular layer of the cake that will work best for photos.

Pause for a while: Friends and family members would want snapshots of the ceremonial first cut, and gracious couples will take their time to allow plenty of pictures.

Use a Serving Set: Use a special silver cake knife, especially purchased for the occasion.

Cut it together: In cutting the cake, the groom’s right hand will gently hold the bride’s right hand – and make sure to slice through the bottom layer!

Feed Each Other First: The groom will feed the bride first and then the bride to the groom from the slice they cut.

Offer Slices to In-Laws: Make sure that you both serve each other’s parents with a piece of cake. The groom should serve the bride’s parents with a slice and so is the bride to the groom’s parents.

Assign someone: Ask a friend or someone from the catering staff to cut and serve the cake to your guests.


Smash Cake: Don’t make a mockery of this ceremony by smashing cake into one another’s faces. This can ruin carefully applied makeup, well-made tuxedos, and expensive wedding gowns. Do not destroy the respect the cake cutting ceremony is supposed to demonstrate.

Use Your Fingers: A delicate dessert fork is the appropriate utensil for feeding one another cake and thus, eliminates the temptation to smash the dessert.

Cut the Top Tier: Not only may the top tier be too unstable for a good first cut, but many couples choose to save the top tier of their wedding cake for their first anniversary. Some cakes, however, can have the top tier cut without a problem: Ask your Cake designer for advice.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 6 × 4 in

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