Rockin’ Robbie Musical Christmas Tree


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Rockin’ Robbie Musical Christmas Tree

Guess what Santa will bring in his big red bag? Rockin’ Robbie Musical Christmas Tree! He sings and dances so good  the whole family will jump up to join him. Rockin’ Robbie will bring fun and laughter as he daces around and brings even more joy to the holidays.

When the music plays a singer actually sings the song which is nice, since most of these musical toys just plays music. This sweet Rockin’ Robbie is by Cuddle Barn, they make a lots of high quality toys for the children. We have quite a few new items for Christmas, so make sure to see the all the other musical toys.

Santa will also bring some delicious Gourmet chocolate smoothie for the family and a variety of chocolates and snowball cookies. The gift collection ships in a Santa’s monogrammed bag decorated with gold embroidery the letter of S. This bag later can be used to keep all the little toys in one place.

Attached there is a video you can see that shows this Rock & Roll Rider in motion.

Please watch the video link of Rocking Robbie Musical Christmas Tree:

Rockin’ Robbie

Rockin’ Robbie Musical Christmas Tree Gift Package includes:

Rocking Robbie Musical Christmas Tree – Children’s Christmas Gift , 12″ tall
Gourmet dessert dip mix, rainbow vanilla, apple pie or banana flavors, makes 2 bowls
Merry Christmas chocolate bar
Christmas design Hot chocolates 2 servings
Christmas tree shaped gingerbread cookie in beautiful gift pack  5″x 8″ tall (new item, not shown on picture)
Santa’s monogrammed bag with gold embroidery
Traditional candy cane large in gift box 6″ tall
Ghirardelli chocolates
Christmas chocolates, truffles, Santa chocolate figures
 Nice Christmas card with your special message
Your special message to the Recipient will be written on a festive holiday greeting card from Santa.

Rocking Robbie Animated singing dancing light up Christmas tree:

  • Sings, “Rocking around the Christmas tree”
  • Dances, sings and his lights glow
  • Features a Santa hat and Christmas lights
  • Measures 12″ high and 8″ wide.
  • 3 AA battery included.
  • Surface washable
  • Ages: 3+

Option to add a Summer card;

Surprise your children with a fun Summer Card from Santa in July and remind them that Santa is thinking about them all the time.

It is a great way to encourage them to be good and not to pout so they can make it to Santa’s nice list and make him ever so proud.

Order today and watch the surprised and excited look on their face when they receive it in the summer time.

It will be mailed out separately from the letter in the Summer time.

It is easier to order it now with the other gifts, and will be a nice surprise to receive it when the children least expect it.

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Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 12 in