Book and Magical Elf Gifts – The Elf on the Shelf


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Book and Magical Elf Gifts – The Elf on the Shelf

Book and Magical Elf Gifts – The Elf on the Shelf is becoming a very popular game families like to play before Christmas. It is fun, creative and magical just what the children need to boost their imagination. This interactive hide and seek game is great for all families. Santa is sending his magical elves to become part of the families tradition each year. Book and a magical Elf Gifts – The Elf on the Shelf comes with a 28 page hardcover illustrated book. The book and an 8″ elf doll comes in a nice gift package.

Book and Magical Elf Gifts package includes:

  • Book and Magical Elf Gifts – The Elf on the Shelf
  • Christmas crackle cookies
  • Insta-snow
  • Gourmet hot chocolate with marshmallows 2 servings
  • Christmas  popcorn
  • Assorted Holiday chocolates
  • Santa’s monogrammed bag
  • Beautiful personalized Card from Santa

This Book and Elf Gift: The Elf on the Shelf from Santa Gift Package will arrive by Santa Express straight from North Pole!

About the Elf on the shelf Tradition:

Santa Claus needs help managing his naughty and nice lists, so he hires special enchanted elves that help him manage his list.

Families can adopt these elves and the children start off by naming their elf.

The elves will watch over the children during the day and fly back to the North Pole each night. They report back to Santa Claus about the child’s behavior. In the morning the elf returns to a different place in the house to once again to witness the days fun.

Children love to race around the house looking for the elf each morning.

There are rules to the game however:

Children should be thought that the elf cannot be touched and that Christmas magic is fragile.

If the elf is touched it may lose its magical powers and might not be able to fly back to the North Pole.

Children should also know that elves cannot speak or move when there are people in the house.

The elves usually appear in homes at the end of November. Typically return after Christmas eve to the North Pole to Santa’s magical village – until next Christmas.

Here are some fun creative ideas to play with your Elf On The Shelf that everyone will enjoy:

-Cook Elfy with North Pole breakfast and note from Santa – elf catering a – North Pole breakfast on the first day and a special note from Santa

– Elfy pizza party – place elf in pizza box, popcorn, with pizza slice, pop can and straw

– Our little Elf is under the weather – makes himself a bed with a tissue box – place elf inside a tissue box, make a pillow with a few folded tissues

– Elfelina is taking a marshmallow bath – place elf into small bowl with many marshmallows covering him

– Model Elfonzo Photo shoot – use camera, and place elf with couple of stuffed plush animals and dolls

– Santa’s helper Elforado getting ready for Santa’s arrival – use crackle cookies and hot chocolate

– Magical Elf Bettina is a snow angel today – create an Elf angel in instant snow

– Magician Elf Rodolfo is hiding Christmas chocolates – ask children to find them under five minutes in a room

– Speedy Elfy Gonzales and stuffed animals sack race – use paper bags and place the elf and stuffed toys, set them up for a race

Option to add a Summer card;

Surprise your children with a fun Summer Card from Santa in July and remind them that Santa is thinking about them all the time.

It is a great way to encourage them to be good and not to pout so they can make it to Santa’s nice list and make him ever so proud.

Order today and watch the surprised and excited look on their face when they receive it in the summer time.

It will be mailed out separately from the letter in the Summer time.

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