Kris and the Kringles Music Band


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Kris and the Kringles Music Band – Gift from Santa

Get ready for the main attraction of the evening. Here comes Kris and the Kringles Music Band! They have practiced all year day and night to be ready for Christmas eve. When the music plays a singer actually sings the song which is nice, since most of these musical toys just plays music. This funny Kris and the Kringles Music Band is by Cuddle Barn, they make a lots of high quality toys for the children. We have quite a few items for Christmas, so make sure to see the all the other musical toys.

Kris and the Kringles Music Band brought with them some tasty maple chocolate milkshake to make this night extra special. They even have little surprise gift from the North Pole, that will delight the little ones. Since not everyone can go to the North Pole, the elves talked Santa into to bring some snow from there. It is a magical snow. Since they did not have a lots of room on the sleigh, they could only bring a little box of snow with them. And here comes the magic. If they add water to it, the snow will start to expand and it is just spilling out of the box like magic to the children’s amazement. They can play with it like real snow and be able to use it inside the house as well.

Please watch the video link of Kris and the Kringles:

12″ Santa sings while his elf helpers sway to “Deck the Halls”

Kris and the Kringles Music Band Gift package includes:

Kris and the Kringles Music Band 12″ tall
Insta snow-  Just add water and it becomes snow.
Rainbow dessert dip mix
Candy cane
Box of creamy chocolates
Nice Santa card with your special message from Santa
Santa’s velvety red Santa bag beautifully embroidered with Santa’s special monogram
This Kris and the Kringles Music Band Gift from Santa will arrive gift wrapped straight from North Pole!
They will receive this package by Santa Express, and inside they will find a velvety red Santa bag beautifully embroidered with Santa’s special monogram the letter of S. This bag later can be used to keep all the little toys in one place.
See the enjoyment in your children’s eyes as they open this wonderful gift, that certainly brings back wonderful childhood memories.
By taking a journey through our imaginary Magical Village of Santa Claus a lots of cozy feeling comes into mind. Imagine the distinctive scent of the Christmas tree glittering with gleaming ornaments and holiday lights. Feel the sweet scent of the holiday spiced cookies and hot cocoa in the air, and the breathtaking anticipation of Santa’s arrival on Christmas Eve.
Captivate these unforgettable moments on your children’s innocent faces and remember how wonderful it felt when you were the same age.

Option to add a Summer card;

Surprise your children with a fun Summer Card from Santa in July and remind them that Santa is thinking about them all the time.

It is a great way to encourage them to be good and not to pout so they can make it to Santa’s nice list and make him ever so proud.

Order today and watch the surprised and excited look on their face when they receive it in the summer time.

It will be mailed out separately from the letter in the Summer time.

It is easier to order it now with the other gifts, and will be a nice surprise to receive it when the children least expect it.

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Additional information

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in
Summer card

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