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  • ..Baby’s First Christmas Santa Letter

  • ..Classic Christmas Letter and Scroll from Santa Claus

  • ..Classic Christmas Letter and Scroll from Santa Claus

  • ..Summer Card from Santa

  • A Lego City Advent Calendar with Nice List Certificate

  • Blitzen the Reindeer Letter Scroll Package

  • Santa’s Letter & Teddy Gift Package – Reindeer Box


Send a beautiful personalized Letters and Scrolls from Santa to your children, grand children, family and friends. Festive personalized letters will arrive by Santa express for the children. Create a magical and memorable Christmas Holiday for all ages. Let them believe for one more year and enjoy their happiness the way we would like it to be.[expand title=”Read More” swaptitle=”Close”]

We offer a variety of letter designs, text designed for baby’s first Christmas letter, Classic letter, letter to the non believer. Santa loves to send a birthday letter to the children throughout the year. Wish to send an amazing gift from Santa? You may want to see our Reindeer box gift package complete with a Letter from Santa himself, Nice list certificate, gifts, chocolates and more. Order a fun summer card arriving in the middle of summer time when the children least expect this surprise from Santa. Be sure to visit our children Santa gift packages page for more gift options. [/expand]