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  • ..Dragon Egg Lamp Gold – Last one!

  • ..Dragon Egg Lamp Ivory – Only 2 left!

  • ..Large Turtle Terrarium

  • Elephant Family

  • Elephant Sitting

  • Elephant Standing

  • Elephant Walking Silver

  • Petunia Blossom Candle House-Heather Goldminc

  • Playing Baby Elephants


Home Accents make us happy and comfortable at home. You may find finely crafted vases, candy dishes, curtains, beside traditional or contemporary design home accents. Unique candle holders, angels and keepsake boxes are a great way to define someone’s home.

Finding the right items for your home to decorate isn’t easy, but with our selection of Pictures – Wall Decor – Artistic Lamps – Vintage Tin Signs it may be. We hope you will find something interesting and useful for your room. The characterizing paintings, unique lacquer lamps add new feel for the room. Sometimes even one piece can complete the decor idea you were aiming for.

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Create a certain design for a room, like a vintage tin signs for creating a bar area for guests in the family room or in the garage, Harry Potter picture for the boy’s room, or a nice fruit stand painting for the dining room area. Personalize your home to your liking and create your own unique character with elegant one of a kind styles. The vintage feel of the baby and children design tin signs brings back the memories of your childhood and combines it with your children’s memories. [/expand]