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  • ..Dragon Egg Lamp Gold – Last one!

  • ..Dragon Egg Lamp Ivory – Only 2 left!

  • ..Ducks and Sheep Glow In The Dark Pillow

  • ..Elegant Swan Basket Precious Moments – only 1 left!

  • ..My First Basket

  • ..Star Wars Fun Time

  • ..World of Circus

  • All The Beautiful Horses Glow In The Dark Pillow

  • Amazing Celebration

  • Amazing Gifts for Girls

  • Avengers Birthday Musical

  • Avengers Fun Times

  • Baby’s First Hymns

  • Bee Blanket and Plush

  • Beee my Friend Glow In The Dark Pillow

  • Best Birthday Ever

  • Birdies Wall Decor

  • Birthday Cake Musical Figurine Happy Birthday Gifts – ONLY 1 LEFT!

  • Birthday Party Musical

  • Bunnies Playing Glow In The Dark Pillow – Easter Gifts

  • Bunny Family Wall Decor

  • Candy Tussie-mussie

  • Cow Blanket and Plush

  • Dalton The Story Telling Dragon – Birthday or Get Well Gift

  • Disney Princess Gift Set

  • Dolphin Paradise Glow In The Dark Pillow

  • Dreams of Dreams 3 Teddies Glow In The Dark Pillow

  • Duck Dance Glow In The Dark Pillow

  • Flying Ladybird Music Box

  • For You Glow In The Dark Pillow

  • Gift for Children

  • Good Friends Glow In The Dark Pillow

  • Happy Birthday Dear!

  • Happy Child Entertainment Gift

  • Happy Slippers

  • Homecoming

  • Junk Food Junkie

  • Kids in Book land Musical Figurine and Sweets – ONLY 1 LEFT!

  • Kids Knapsack Musical Gift with Chocolate

  • Musical Bear Dreamy Boy – Girl 

  • Pick Me Up Girl Photo Album – Last One!

  • Pirate Teddy Glow In The Dark Pillow

  • Puddin’ Bear

  • Purple Poodle Back Pack – Last one!

  • Rhino Blanket and Plush

  • Rowing Away Photo Album with Swarovski Crystals

  • Sailing Turtles Glow In The Dark Pillow

  • Sesame Street Gift Set

  • Sheep Blanket and Plush

  • Sleeping Teddy Glow In The Dark Pillow

  • Star Wars Puzzle Basket

  • Stickbot Pirate Game Set

  • Sweet Dreams with baby Teddy Glow In The Dark Pillow

  • Sweet Dreams with Cute Bunny Beny Glow In The Dark Pillow

  • Sweet Dreams with Elfy the Elefant Glow In The Dark Pillow

  • Sweet Dreams with Kitties Glow In The Dark Pillow

  • Sweet Dreams with Puppy Dogs Glow In The Dark Pillow

  • Tea Pot Coin Bank Children’s Gift Basket

  • The Sweet Bright Side

  • This Little Piggy Baby Photo Album – Last One!



Children Birthday Gift Baskets, Cakes, and Toys

With our extensive selection of Birthday Cakes, Gifts Toys and Children Gift Baskets, it is easy to select the perfect gift. In addition to the gift baskets you will find plush animal, musical toys, treats, that you can add to the basket.

Children Birthday Gift Baskets

To satisfy all interest, in our birthday gift basket for kids we like to have a variety of musical gift, plush, games, books, some sweets, Glow Pillows, and musical keepsake gift. You can easily find the perfect gift for all ages.

Birthday Cake

What a great surprise would it be for a child or even an adult to receive a fantastic Birthday cake. It is a gift out of the blue that they don’t expect. By offering an extensive variety of flavors, we are certain you will find the best cake for the recipient. Convenient online ordering makes the process easy and fast. We can deliver your cake anywhere in Canada.

Gift Ideas for Christmas

Find fantastic gift Ideas for Christmas for your children, or friends who are fascinated by this magical Holiday. You can send personalized Letters from Santa and Nice list certificates to have a magical Christmas. gift Packages from Santa Enjoy great Santa Packages and learn more about Nice List Certificates and Pre-Christmas Packages, Birthday Letters and Scroll at Letters and Gifts From Santa.